Want Me To Show You How To Find Your First (Or Next) Client...

In Just 14 Days Or Less? For only $97

14-Day Personal Chef is for any passionate cook who wants to start or grow a Personal Chef business or just make some extra $$$ part-time as a side gig by quickly getting your first or next clients without wasting time & money figuring it all out on your own.

Special... get lifetime access for just $97 (Normally $1,000).

Some that have joined...

"I joined because I needed to... Expand my services, find pricing structure, and become more confident in my prices when talking to leads."

- Chef Erin Hill
Mama Hill LLC

"I joined because I needed to... Learn more about marketing myself, get a flame under my butt, and figure out how to price my services and have confidence in my worth."

- Chef Michael Battino My Little Eden Private Chef

"I joined because I needed to... Expand my services, find pricing structure, and become more confident in my prices when talking to leads."

- Chef Eddy Gomez plantfitmeal

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of those who came to Chefpreneur to start or grow their Personal Chef business said that not finding clients was their #1 fear...

 14-Day Personal Chef was created to teach you how to quickly find clients and eliminate that fear for good!

Day 1: Introduction to 14-Day Personal Chef

The overall concept of this training, it's structure, and the expectations of both you, as well as I, to get you clients.

Dig deep to understand your WHY and reshape harmful beliefs and stipulations that are holding you back.

What you actually need VS. what you don't need. 

​Understand the powerful sales funnel formula and maximize success with your processes

Day 2: Discovering Your Passion

The secret behind the mentality that will carry you through these 14 days and beyond.

​Why this Personal Chef business model is different than any other model in the culinary industry.

​How to build business longevity with your brand and message .

Set yourself up to confidently speak to and book clients with your crystal clear message.

Day 3: Who Do You Want To Serve? (Niche)

The method to attracting high-paying clients you actually want to serve and avoid feeling like you have to do things you hate just to get by.

Maximize the effectiveness of dialing in your message and creating clarity for your clients.

Master the formula that creates an amazing client experience and keeps them coming back.

Day 4: Where Are Your Ideal Clients?

Understand your clients identified in Day 3 so you can quickly & easily get yourself in front of them.

​Save time finding clients with this secret method hidden in plain sight.

​Collecting data to gain insight into your clients, identify patterns, and provide more value.

​Q&A Session Recording available in Facebook Group

Days 5, 6, & 7: Who Will You Partner With?

Understand what a Strategic Partnership is, how to use it to quickly get your ideal clients, and why it's the fastest way to build your business.

​Learn about the guerrilla marketing strategy that's easy for you but hard or impossible for large companies.

Creative ways to organically grow your business with non-stop referrals.

​Observe my start to finish process in action and ways my Chefpreneur students use Strategic Partnerships themselves

Day 8: How To Build A Relationship

Learn the 6-step framework for building relationships with Strategic Partners and generate endless clients and thousands of dollars.

​How just two partnerships bring me nearly $100k in sales each year without paying any commission.

Keys to go from finding one client at a time to having dozens, hundreds, and even possibly thousands of potential clients at your fingertips.

Common mistakes to avoid that will ruin your chances of getting clients so you always come out on top

Day 9: It's NOT About You!

Know the #1 thing your clients really care about and how to leverage it for increased satisfaction, business, and results.

How to start tying it all together for your bulletproof formula that is proven and dependable.

The often ignored no-fail approach that creates super fan clients that come back to you again and again.

​Master 3 key characteristics in your business for an explosion of success.

Day 10: Reaching Out To Your Partnerships

Conquer the 6-step process for securing partnerships to bring you clients.

Watch & listen while I make a few actual LIVE calls to partners chosen by others who attended this training.

​Instantly appear confident by mastering the balance of your empathy & authority in conversation.

Getting success in the follow up.

Day 11: Using Other Platforms To Find Clients

Break down and understand 3 other ways for finding your clients on top of my #1 strategy.

Navigate the online space for finding your clients and avoid the pitfalls I experienced.

Gain a deeper understanding of the online platforms to market your services so you can develop smarter strategies.

Days 12, 13, 14: Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up

The keys to maintaining momentum in your business and navigate obstacles.

How many times you should reach follow up & how often you should look for new strategic partnerships.

Assignment: Follow up with your potential partnerships, list yourself on other platforms, and market yourself

What You'll Learn:

Your Superpower

What end result can you give your clients? Learn how you can turn your clients into Super Fans that will keep them talking about you to everyone!

Strategic Partnerships.

Who will you partner with to grow your business quickly? Learn how to find companies that will offer your services to their existing customers, usually for free!

Brand Awareness.

What other platforms can you use to promote your brand? Learn how to utilize large platforms to get recognized quickly and spread your message to the world!

What's Included?

7 Hours Of Value Packed Video ($397 VALUE)

These daily trainings give you an in-depth look at the system, methods, and processes I use to quickly get new clients and generate a massive amount of leads seeking my Professional Chef services and pay me what I know I'm worth.

Lifetime Access To Chefpreneur Membership Site ($297 VALUE)

This is the first ever proven accelerated-training to get you new Personal Chef clients in the shortest time possible. Instead of just having video tutorials, you will be challenged with daily exercises designed to give your business and message clarity so you can quickly get new clients.

As I like to say - If you're not successful, I'm not successful! 

Access To Private Facebook Group ($97 VALUE)

With access to your own private Facebook group you'll never be short of information, inspiration, and encouragement.

 You won't do this alone, there is an entire community of 14-Day Personal Chefs backing each other up and helping each other out so you get to the finish line.

Step-by-Step Workbook 
($27 VALUE)

Included in your purchase of 14-Day Personal Chef you will have a step-by-step workbook complete with simple exercises to assist you daily with building your business, keeping you on track, and quickly getting you clients.
You will feel confident and clear on the exact steps you will take in this proven process.

Pre-Recorded Q&A's With Chef Andres ($197 VALUE)

PLUS with your purchase of 14-Day Personal Chef you will also get recorded Q&A's Chef Andres had with prior 14-Day students. 

 Get answers to many of the common questions Passionate Cooks like you encounter during the next two weeks and hear the experiences of others who were once in the same exact place.

Total Value is over $1,000

You Get Access To Everything For Only $97!

Meet Your


I am a Personal Chef. But more than that, I'm a Chefpreneur. Providing that world-class experience of food and service in the comfort of people's homes with a real business is what I've done over the last 5 years and I love it.

Since then I've built my Personal Chef business, Dinner with a Chef, into a company that generates over $300k a year in revenue, has multiple other Chefs working with and for me, and we bring home over 90% of the profit all thanks to the methods I discovered and now teach.

I still run my business today alongside building the most effective and proven online courses for Passionate Cooks that want to be their own boss and have their own business that gets clients FAST.

Passionate Cooks Understanding and Inspiring Each Other

Who Is This For...

  • You're serious about not only getting clients but providing world-class experiences with not only your food but also your service.
  • You understand you need to watch each training day in order - you will not receive and understand this very powerful process for quickly getting clients if you think you can skip around.
  • You're willing to put in some work - this training only works when you do. If you plan to invest and get to it whenever you get to it or only try part of it, Netflix is a better place to procrastinate.

Who Is This not For...

  • Anyone who thinks they can get the best results by skipping to what they think is important without first building and understanding the foundations necessary from each lesson. (It will only end in frustration and a high probability of failure.)
  • You are looking for a comprehensive training on creating a complete business, covering accounting, billing, taxes, service policies, online advertising, creating a website, etc... 14-Day Personal Chef strictly helps you get clients fast. The Chefpreneur Masterclass covers everything above and more for building a successful Personal Chef business.
  • You do not care about speed. This program is developed for passionate cooks that want to get clients in the shortest amount of time possible. I would say there is a better training out there for those of you who have time to spare and no real need to move quickly but no one is teaching this.
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